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About Your GOLF TOP 100 Instructor

Mike is honored to be recognized as one of GOLF Magazine's TOP 100 Teachers in America. He is dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and helping golfers of all levels improve their game. If you're looki...


Little Bennett Golf Course

25900 Prescott Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

1 Hour Club Fitting
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Let us make sure your equipment is not holding you back from reaching your best golf. Whether you are looking to get a straighter driver fitted for your bag or a new putter to make more putts, Mike will use the top technology to make sure each club in your bag is performing to its peak. A professional club fitting will not just confirm your clubs have the proper specs for your swing but also gap-fit your bag so you can utilize all 14 clubs properly.

1 Hour Adult Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Are you just beginning your journey in golf, want to cure that slice, finally lower that handicap, or just do not want to be embarrassed on the course? Mike will guide you to improving your game with simple methods that will survive the pressures we all face on the course. Discover your swing type with a quick screen and understand the key pieces for your specific swing to create power, consistency, and control.

1 Hour Group of 2 Adult
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Adult



$80 per student

1 Hour Group of 3 Adult
60 Mins, In-Person, 3 Adult



$56.60 per student

Individual Putting Mastery Class (2 hours)
120 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Are you tired of 3 putts blowing up your score? Want to learn how to putt and read greens like the best players in the world? Mike will teach you key factors in putting from controlling your speed, controlling direction, and read greens like a pro with Aimpoint Express. Mike uses state-of-the-art putting technology with SAM Putt Lab to analyze your stroke. Mike will provide a detailed evaluation on your putting stroke and putter to diagnose where the problem is causing you to miss those critical putts.

On-Course Lesson (2 hour)
120 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Want to get on the course with a pro and see why you cannot break through the barriers that keep you from playing your best golf? Want to learn how to take the game you see on the range to the course with you against your buddies? Getting on the course is the best method to break down your game and see how and why you are losing strokes. Let us get you to break 90 for the first time, start shooting in the 70's consistently, or maybe even break par. All of these are possible and Mike wants to show you the methods you can implement today to start playing your best golf ever! Please coordinate with Mike to ensure the course is available for the time you want prior to booking the lesson. Lesson fee includes Playing Assessment, Cart fees, and Green fees.

1 Hour Individual Junior
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Is your junior just taking up golf, do they want to try out for their high school golf team, compete in high-level junior tournaments, or maybe play college golf? Mike can help guide your junior golfer to be successful and reach all their goals in golf. Your junior will love being on the course and will learn important attributes, character traits, and habits through golf that will help them be successful in everyday life.

1 Hour Group of 2 Junior Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Junior



$65 per student

1 Hour Group of 3 Junior Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 3 Junior



$50 per student

Individual Junior Putting Mastery Class (2 hours)
120 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Are you tired of 3 putts blowing up your score? Want to learn how to putt and read greens like the best players in the world? Mike will teach you key factors in putting from controlling your speed, controlling direction, and read greens like a pro with Aimpoint Express. Mike uses state-of-the-art putting technology with SAM Putt Lab to analyze your stroke. Mike will provide a detailed evaluation on your putting stroke and putter to diagnose where the problem is causing you to miss those critical putts.

On-Course Junior Lesson (2 hours)
120 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Remember your first par on the course? Or maybe even a birdie! Getting a junior on the course has so many advantages from exposing them to the rules and etiquette of the game, learning how to hit the shots you will not see on the range, and building relationships with friends that will last forever. On-course lessons do need to be coordinated with Mike to ensure the course is available so please contact him prior to booking the lesson. Lesson fee includes Cart fees and Green fees.

89 Reviews

I absolutely enjoyed my lesson with Mike today! I could tell immediately that the tips and information that he was pr...

Jack W - September 21, 2023

Mike is a pro. Booking 4 more with him!

Dennis G - September 14, 2023

I have been looking for a coach who can not only teach me the technical aspects of the golf swing and on-course strat...

Victoria P - September 14, 2023

Mike Dickson is an excellent instructor and would recommend him to anyone!

Zachary L - September 7, 2023

Mike was great! He helped me with my swing and now i am hitting the ball much further and more straight. I apprecia...

Nancy L - August 26, 2023

Great time and amazing tips!

Ryan K - August 2, 2023

Mike was a great golf instructor! Had an awesome time and learned a lot.

Suveer K - July 29, 2023

Enjoyed my session with Mike. Amazing to me how he was able to see some things in my swing that he was able to offer ...

Ed O - July 22, 2023

Great time with Mike out on the course, best lesson ever taken. Best time spent on course! Will be back to take addit...

Mario R - July 19, 2023

Mike did an amazing job with both of my both in a combined lesson. He is a great teacher

Mark W - July 16, 2023

I've been working with Mike for over 3 years. I can't say enough good things about his teaching style and i...

Matt N - July 13, 2023

Mike is super helpful, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn the sp...

Katie K - July 13, 2023

Breaks everything down to simple, repeatable, maneuvers, and techniques. Easy to work with. Top-notch instructor!

Douglas F - July 8, 2023

Like me, I’m sure that you’ve watched so many golf videos to get better at golf so that you can enjoy the...

Gerard O - July 2, 2023

From the very moment we started my lesson, Mike was an absolute joy to work with. Everything from the way he explains...

Chris B - June 14, 2023

Michael is fantastic! In just 2 lessons I have gained skills and confidence I have never had before, and hit a few of...

Sarah B - June 9, 2023

Awesome putting lesson!

Cory P - June 9, 2023

Mike is a true professional ,extremely knowledgeable of the golf swing , has a great eye and can sense of what&rsquo...

Daniel S - June 6, 2023

Excellent golf instructor! Mike is the swing whisperer. I highly recommend!

Ann F - June 3, 2023

Very helpful and patient.

Michael M - June 2, 2023

Excellent eye for nuance and detail. Really knows how to nail down the flaws in my swing and give drills on how to f...

Brian M - June 1, 2023

Michael is an excellent instructor. His explanation of my golf swing and his approach to improvement was easy to unde...

Tim P - May 22, 2023

I started working with Mike last year. He is outstanding. He works the basics and works small, simple improvements t...

Bill K - May 18, 2023

Very pleased on my lesson today. Mike gives you just enough to work on improving your game, and not too much that yo...

Linda H - May 15, 2023

Mike is a real difference maker with innovative ideas and easy to understand suggestions and pointers to help all lev...

Jim P - April 28, 2023

Mike is a fantastic communicator and has helped me tremendously! He’s responsive and works to fit you into his...

Lynne L - April 27, 2023

Mike was excellent! Low key and he explained key points very well. He was easy to understand. I really enjoyed the ...

Kirk I - April 21, 2023

Mike is the best instructor I have ever worked with, hands down. It's not a cookie-cutter approach; he analyzes...

Bill S - April 19, 2023

Very pleased with my lesson.

Helped me with my game today.

Thankyou Mike

Brian E - April 14, 2023

Really successful lesson. Hitting the drive successfully, feeling great about the pointers and corrections. Easy to u...

Michael H - April 4, 2023

Really great coach and very knowledgable. In a few weeks of lessons I went from whiffing/slicing every shot to making...

Sean B - March 30, 2023

My son's and I had a lesson with Mike. He helped us alot. We will definitely be taking more lessons.

Thomas E - March 26, 2023

I learned more from Mike in one hour than I've learned from others in multiple lessons. His explanations were c...

Don P - March 11, 2023

Outstanding 1st lesson. Can not wait for what I will learn in my next lesson.

Anthony R - February 23, 2023

Mike is a great instructor! He is able to break down concepts for me to understand what will logically work vs what ...

Joy A - February 10, 2023

My first session with Mike he quickly made an accurate assessment of my golf swing. He made a few adjustments and I i...

Denny B - January 11, 2023

Knowledgeable and easy to work with. I look forward to see how my game progresses.

Ryan M - January 8, 2023

Spot on with comments and love his approach.

Also very perceptive/adept at seeing your swing mechanics

Ted B - January 6, 2023

Outstanding. Excellent technical knowledge of mechanics and corrections. Great communicator! Delivers understandi...

Chuck Z - January 4, 2023

My first lesson with Mike and he showed me the first steps to improving. Mike was great at hearing what I want to acc...

Tom L - January 4, 2023

Mike’s use of technology during this lesson was spot on. Not just for the sake of technology, but he explains h...

Anita T - December 18, 2022



Eugene F - December 16, 2022

I always learn things with Mike!

Christopher M - December 9, 2022

I went to Mike Dickson because of serious problems with my driving, a general lack of consistency throughout the bag,...

Victor R - December 9, 2022

Mike has helped me overcome a lot of issues in my swing. I am still pretty new to golf, but Mike is great, no matter ...

Geoff B - December 6, 2022

Great guy

great lesson

great results

Played 18 afterwards….

Turned ...

Steven H - October 30, 2022

Very thorough analysis of my swing and decisive about changes I need to make . Now it’s on me !

Dennis O - October 14, 2022

I was struggling w/my golf after being away from the sport for the last 13 years. I have only worked w/Mike fir three...

Kathleen S - October 14, 2022

Working with Mike has been very enlightening. He was the first instructor to ever talk to me about body and swing ty...

Jeff J - October 7, 2022

Great Instructor, personalized intsruction which always magically corrrects any issue within 3-5 swings

Forrest C - October 4, 2022

Mike is the man! Super knowledgeable and makes things easy to understand!

John W - October 4, 2022

In my very first lesson, I learnt a lot from Michael. I was doing all wrong and Mike corrected with ease. Thank you M...

Deepak N - September 27, 2022

Coach Mike is a great teacher! After one session, I already felt big improvements to my swing and a number of key th...

Chung L - September 26, 2022

Mike is a great teacher who combines a deep understanding of the golf swing with a great ability to demonstrate and c...

Mathew G - September 17, 2022

Mike and I started working together at the beginning of this year and I couldn't be happier with the progress. T...

Fred F - September 11, 2022

Fantastic! Better than expected. Looking forward to a long sustainable coaching partnership and relationship.

Greg M - June 12, 2022

Honestly did the Golftec and other coaches route and really didn't understand why it wasn't working til les...

Jason S - June 8, 2022

I had my first lesson with Mike today. He is very engaging and is seems to be very knowledgeable about all aspects o...

Marcia H - June 3, 2022

Mike Dickson is a game-changer… literally! Mike’s technical expertise will help players of any skill lev...

Matt P - May 11, 2022

When taking golf lessons you do not always know if the Golf Pro will be relatable, knowledgeable, a good communicato...

Terrance K - May 9, 2022

Mike is a fantastic coach. Walks you through what you can improve and also gives you a path forward to practice. That...

Matthew A - May 6, 2022

I love the software Mike uses to analyze golf swings, and he was quickly able to point out several bad flaws w...

Glen B - May 5, 2022

I have been going to Mike for many years and not only is he a great coach, he is a great guy. He coaches as if he is ...

Evan P - May 5, 2022

Worked with Mike over the last year and have been very impressed. He knows the golf swing and has the skills to expla...

Josiah T - May 4, 2022

Mike Dickson is fantastic. I have used Mike to fit me for custom clubs as well as provide lessons to myself and my ki...

Christopher C - May 4, 2022

I decided after 42 years of half decent golf played with a mediocre swing, it was time for me to get the right swing ...

Dan B - May 4, 2022

Mike is amazing. We started with him while he taught at Congressional Country Club. He now teaches both me and my son...

Brendan C - April 1, 2022

I met with Mike when I had a case of the yips. For a 3-week stretch I literally could not hit the ball in the air an...

John T - February 10, 2022

Mike is the real deal if you want to take your golf game to the next level. In one lesson he took me from an average...

Ryan K - July 29, 2021

FANTASTIC Coach! Best I’ve ever worked with in 30 years. Immediate improvement paired with a devoted instructo...

Michael F - June 8, 2021

Mike coaches my 9 year old son and we are so grateful for what Mike does to help develop him into a technically super...

Ali R - May 26, 2021

Mike does a great job of tailoring his lessons and techniques to match the skills/understanding of his students. He i...

Michael M - May 24, 2021

Mike is a very insightful golf instructor. Many golf instructors can identify game improvement steps and communicate...

Eric S - May 20, 2021

I can highly recommend Mike. I just finished my first series of lessons with him and have never hit the ball so well....

Mark B - May 12, 2021

Mike is one of the best golf coaches that I've had. He provides tips and pointers that have immediate applicatio...

Catharine M - May 5, 2021

Excellent teacher. Lots of good information and keeps it interesting.

Philip G - May 3, 2021

Recently took four lessons with Mike in a group setting. His teaching method provides clear instructions and he is ab...

Ken T - May 1, 2021

Excellent instructor, and I plan on taking more lessons from Mike. I highly recommend him. Regardless of skill level,...

Ryan P - April 27, 2021

Mike is the best ... I started lessons with him about 2 yrs ago and can’t imagine going to anyone else. He is ...

Mona M - April 19, 2021

We started some lessons for our two boys last October with Coach Mike. From their first lesson, he started making som...

Dragos T - April 19, 2021

Mike is absolutely the best, and my lessons so far have both helpful and a lot of fun. From my very first lesson wit...

Ben V - April 18, 2021

Mike is an exceptional teacher. He knows how to analyze the golf swing and help me with all of the things necessary t...

Steve C - April 18, 2021

Mike Dickson is a great coach. He has great knowledge of the game and improving my skills. Mike has improved my score...

Gustave A - April 18, 2021

Mike Dickson is a Master PGA coach who is gifted in teaching all aspects of golf. His success with techniques of inst...

Dr C - April 18, 2021

Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing and is great at communicating how to make changes to better your...

Jerrod V - April 18, 2021

I’ve been playing golf for 15 years and have tried a dozen different coaches. Mike is the best one I’ve ...

Daniel K - April 18, 2021

Mike is a great coach. I have known him for a few years now and his coaching and knowledge of the game has taken me f...

Nick H - April 18, 2021

I’m a 8 handicap and saw significant improvement after my first lesson with Mike. He quickly identified a few t...

Stuart R - April 13, 2021

Mike is awesome. I Have known him for a long time and he has been so consistent in his efforts of being as helpful as...

Chris M - April 9, 2021


  • 2008 Callaway Regional Fitter of the Year
  • 2009 Ping National Fitter of the Year
  • 2012 Edel National Fitter of the Year
  • 2014 US Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher
  • 2015 US Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher
  • 2015-16 Golf Digest Best in State Instructor - Maryland
  • 2016 US Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher Master
  • 2016-17 Golf Digest Best Young Instructor
  • 2017-18 Golf Digest Best in State Instructor - Maryland
  • 2018-19 Golf Digest Best Young Instructor
  • 2019 -20 Golf Digest Best in State Instructor - Maryland
  • 2018 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Instructor
  • 2020 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Instructor
  • 2021-22 Golf Digest Best in State Instructor - Maryland
  • 2021 Golf Magazine Teacher to Watch
  • 2021 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game
  • 2022 Invented the LagMaster training aid
  • 2022 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game
  • 2024-25 GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Instructor in America

Areas of Focus

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Club Fitting
  • Bunker Play
  • Fundamentals
  • Jr. Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Mental Game
  • Competitive Golf
  • College Prep

Teaching Experience

  • LPGA Symetra Tour
  • Mini Tours

Playing Experience

  • PGA Section Events

Club Fitting Certifications

  • Callaway
  • Mizuno
  • Ping
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist

Teaching Tools

  • Aim Point
  • FlightScope
  • K-Vest
  • Launch Monitor
  • NG360
  • Swing Catalyst
  • TOMI Putting
  • Video Analysis


PGA Professional
U.S. Kids Golf
K-Vest Level 1
Eyeline Golf
The Golfing Machine
PGA Certified Professional
Lynn Blake Certified Instructor
Positive Coaching Alliance