Mark Polich
Tucson, AZ

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After 30 years of competing at a very high level, I decided it was time to give back. So nearly 20 years ago, I stunned my golfing friends by shifting my focus from playing and winning golf tournaments to teaching others. During this time, I have had the incredible privilege of working with golfers of all abilities from ages 6 to 87.

As the Lead Instructor for Southern Arizona's only GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY, an elite group of less than 100 teaching professionals in the entire United States, I now get to help other golfers ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

To make learning more fun and effective, I created a unique 5,000 square-foot indoor training studio with cutting edge technology (TrackMan 4), K Motion biofeedback training system, dual video cameras, a huge putting/chipping green and a soft lounging couch for times when you just need to talk about your golf game.

When a student completes a coaching session at Mark Polich Golf, they have a better understanding of what they need to do, a plan for how to do it and, most importantly, a renewed enthusiasm for their golf game.