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***If you are looking to book a lesson less than 24 hours out or for a lesson the day of...Please text me at 630-301-1017. My scheduler its set up to schedule lessons more than 24 hours out***

***ALL Pricing INCLUDES the Facility Fees and Lesson Fees***...


Cog Hill Golf & Country Club

12294 Archer Ave, Lemont, IL 60439

Adult 1/2 Hour Private Lesson
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



1 on 1 Private Lesson

Adult 1 Hour Private Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



1 on 1 Private Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing

1 Hour Adult Shared Lesson (2 People)
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Adult



2 Adults Sharing a One Hour Lesson(Facility Fees are included in the pricing)

Adult Group Lesson (3 People)
60 Mins, In-Person, 3 Adult



1 Hour Lesson Shared by 3 Adults. Please contact me if you have a specific area you would like covered during your lesson time. . Example: chipping, putting, full swing…I need to have the proper area set up for your group prior to arrival. Facility Fees are included in the pricing.

Adult 1.5 Hour Private Lesson
90 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Do you need a little bit longer session to make sure you understand all of your drills or you want to spend a bit of time in a few different areas? I have added this 1.5 hour session to help cover all of the requests for a little bit longer session. We can cover various shots or just work on one particular area. Just let me know everything you would like to cover in our time together and I will make it happen! (This is not for on course instruction. You will need to speak directly to me so I can book us a time for any on course sessions) (All Playing Lessons must be scheduled in advance to ensure golf course availability.)

Adult 2 Hour Private Lesson
120 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



This 2 Hour Private session will allow us ample time to go over as many different areas that you need. As with all lessons, we will use video through out our session but it will be used as needed. This way we can hit ample shots to make sure you have a secure understanding of how you need to practice to improve. Let us talk before the day of our lesson so we have a clear understanding of how we need to work through our session. I want you to leave knowing that you have had all of your questions answered. (This is NOT for on course instruction. If an on course lesson is what you are looking for, just reach out to me and we can discuss a day and time that might work. I will need to check with the Pro Shop and book us a tee time.)

Adult 2 Hour Shared Lesson (2 People)
120 Mins, In-Person, 2 Adult



This session is for 2 adults that are looking for an extended lesson time to really be able to work on their drills and skills. You could also want to work on 1 or 2 different areas, an example would be chipping and pitching or chipping and putting etc. You can create your own group and decide where you would prefer to work during our time. We will do video as needed and make sure you have the drills and information necessary to help you improve!

Junior under 8 yrs of age 30 Min Lesson Private Lesson
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Juniors age 8 and under (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

Junior 1/2 Hour Private Lesson ages 9 - 18
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Junior 1/2 Hour Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

Junior 1 Hour Private Lesson ages 9 - 18
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Junior 1 Hour Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

64 Reviews

Louise is an amazing instructor. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who wants to improve their game.

Terri P - October 22, 2023

Having Louise as a golf instructor has been a game-changer for me. Not only is she deeply knowledgeable about all fac...

Brian S - October 22, 2023

My grandson Charlie had his first lesson which covered the basics of grip,stance,posture & some swing mechanics. ...

John W - October 9, 2023

Extremely helpful!

Kat K - October 6, 2023

Louise was awesome! She was professional and friendly. She assessed the areas of my swing that needed improvement the...

Michelle B - October 6, 2023

Today was my first lesson with Louise, and it was awesome! She has a wonderful personality that puts you at ease righ...

Jack N - September 9, 2023

Louise is fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable and breaks everything down very well so that you understand. Has me feel...

Daniel K - September 2, 2023

Great duo lesson session for beginner and intermediate golfer. Extremely kind and knowledgeable person who can teach ...

Joe D - August 27, 2023

Great 1st lesson learned a lot, will practice & be back for more

Larry C - July 26, 2023

Learned so much during my first lesson with Louise.

Marie V - July 26, 2023

A great lesson. I found it very helpful.

Patti M - July 25, 2023

As always Louise shows what a professional she is. Her teaching skills offer solutions to correct what's wrong i...

Gloria C - July 22, 2023

Louise is a great teacher. She breaks down the swing and provides insight on the best way to deliver the club head t...

Rick J - July 21, 2023

Very clear and to the point! Will be back for sure.

Daniel P - June 30, 2023

As usual- excellent lesson with Louise!! She is the best and now I need to practice what she showed me today!! Highly...

Susan C - June 30, 2023

Louise seems to pick up on everything your bad at then corrects with different techniques. I think she is excellent!

Edward M - June 22, 2023

Incredible knowledge, great rapport, explains things easily, fixes what’s wrong, tweaks what’s necessary,...

Jim S - June 20, 2023

Louise is a great instructor who thoroughly explains the skills and strategies she is teaching you. You and your leve...

Lillian E - June 19, 2023

I just had a fantastic lesson. I always learn something new and leave feeling confident and energized !! Louise will ...

Daniel M - June 10, 2023

I have been taking lessons from Louise since 2010. She is an excellent instructor and makes our lessons fun - but, th...

James P - June 9, 2023

Great lesson lots of good tips. No I just have to apply them.

Trish B - June 2, 2023

Very helpful lesson. Louise did a great job combining specific feedback and practical drills to help identify and wor...

Brian C - May 30, 2023

I had a great lesson with Louise this morning. She's so knowledgeable on the golf swing. She was able to quickly...

Ed P - May 21, 2023

Loved my first one-on-one golf lesson with Louise! Such great information and so helpful to have her take a video of ...

Nicole P - May 20, 2023

Louise is an exceptional coach and instructor. She seeks to understand your goals and gets right to work. She strike...

Jason B - May 10, 2023

I have had three lessons from Louise, and found that each one has built on the previous one. Louse’s approach i...

Larry B - May 10, 2023

So glad I selected Louise as my golf instructor after 21 years of not playing golf. Her personality and approach to ...

Cheryl V - May 5, 2023

Amazing experience for newcomers to golf. Very patient and already seeing some results after a couple lessons.

Dorothy L - May 4, 2023

Great teacher. Very relatable. Shows what you should work on and the process to reach your goals. Highly recommended

Bill H - May 4, 2023

Funny and knows what she’s doing. Already booked my next one. She figured out my issue really fast

Robert R - April 15, 2023

If you’re looking to play the best golf of your life, you should be working with Louise. She’s great with...

Richard G - April 8, 2023

Louise Davis is a great golf teacher.She really has a keen eye to help correct flaws in grip,posture,setup,swing and ...

John L - April 6, 2023

Louise is a solid teacher. She takes the time to work with her students and listens to their needs while making them ...

Nick R - April 1, 2023

great coach

Mark K - March 14, 2023

Louise is wonderful. She is a very knowledgeable professional, and athlete. She is able to diagnose a problem in your...

JIM H - March 10, 2023

I’m new to the sport. I was a bit nervous to start lessons. Louise us so down to earth and broke it down in und...

Veronica S - October 28, 2022

Great instructor very knowledgeable about the swing—- she makes it easy to understand and doesn’t give me...

Steve R - October 24, 2022

Louise is great with our daughter! She understands what she needs to work on to get better, and gives her drills to p...

Martin F - October 8, 2022

I am a long time golfer and, in spite of my bad habits, Louise patiently goes back to basics to get me on track. She...

Marcia B - October 6, 2022

First lesson with Louise went great. She went over what I was doing wrong, how to correct my swing, and drills to ing...

Keith D - October 3, 2022

Louise is cordial, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the game of golf and golf instruction. she gets ri...

Erroll S - October 3, 2022

Had a great experience. She’s awesome

Brian Q - September 30, 2022

Louise is amazing. She is calm, a fun teacher and motivates me to do my best.

Edward G - September 21, 2022

Louise always knows what I need to improve my game. I explain to her my challenges and she has be walking away feeli...

Shelly F - September 21, 2022

Excellent instruction from Louise! She filmed me taking a couple shots, then analyzed my stance & swing with me. ...

Susan W - September 20, 2022

Today I had a lesson with Louise and it was an outstanding lesson. Louise provided a basic introduction to golf term...

Marilyn G - September 19, 2022

Louise is the best! Her method of teaching the golf swing simplifies a very complicated skill into easy to understand...

Kathy M - September 15, 2022

Brilliant teacher. Always knows just what adjustments I need to make for better results.

Paul S - September 11, 2022

Louise is a great golf teacher! I have taken many lessons from several other golf instructors at various golf course...

Mary E - September 11, 2022

I’ve been working with Louise since the spring and I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. Louis...

Jim L - September 11, 2022

In 30 minutes Louise found several issues with my golf swing, showed them to me on the computer visually, and gave me...

Albert P - September 10, 2022

Louise is a great coach. I took lessons earlier this year and now I have her training my 4 nieces and nephews age 6-...

Sarah D - September 10, 2022

Louise has patience, and years of experience to find the right method to improve your golf game. She used a few tec...

Teresa G - September 8, 2022

Outstanding as always!

Scott F - June 20, 2022

Patient, funny, makes practice fun. After I finish I always feel energized and can't wait to work on the things...

Mark S - June 17, 2022

She is a real coach,

know exactly know how to fix

wrong swing habit

she is the best

Joey O - June 10, 2022

World class instruction!

David J - June 8, 2022

Louise has changed my sister’s and my golf game with a handful of lessons that no other pro has ever been able...

Julie B - June 5, 2022

Louise is amazing, she makes lessons fun and interesting. great at translating skills to coach others. great personal...

Ike D - June 3, 2022

She is an excellent coach, she has such deep experiance and can read a player of any level and provide the correct co...

Sal L - August 21, 2021

Louise was absolutely fantastic. I had never had a lesson in my life. I'm 51. She was great at evaluating my ...

David N - August 8, 2021

Amazing instructor! Really takes the time to learn about your swing and game and tailors an instruction plan specifi...

Rachit M - July 19, 2021

Not only is Louise a great instructor she is a great person. With her help I significantly improved my game over the ...

Peter G - August 30, 2018

I don’t know what I improved on the most, my short game or my driver! I’ve never had a lot of lessons but...

Rebel W - August 29, 2018

Areas of Focus

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Fitness
  • Bunker Play
  • Fundamentals
  • Jr. Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Mental Game
  • Competitive Golf
  • College Prep

Teaching Experience

  • Collegiate Golfers
  • LPGA Futures Tour
  • LPGA Tour
  • Mini Tours

Playing Experience

  • Collegiate Golfer
  • LPGA Futures Tour
  • Mini Tours
  • PGA Section Events

Teaching Tools

  • V1 Video
  • Video Analysis


PGA Professional
U.S. Kids Golf
Eyeline Golf
PGA Certified Professional
Positive Coaching Alliance