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***If you are looking to book a lesson less than 24 hours out or for a lesson the day of...Please text me at 630-301-1017. My scheduler its set up to schedule lessons more than 24 hours out***

***ALL Pricing INCLUDES the Facility Fees and Lesson Fees***...


Cog Hill Golf & Country Club

12294 Archer Ave, Lemont, IL 60439

Adult 1/2 Hour Private Lesson
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



1 on 1 Private Lesson

Adult 1 Hour Private Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



1 on 1 Private Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing

1 Hour Adult Shared Lesson (2 People)
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Adult



2 Adults Sharing a One Hour Lesson(Facility Fees are included in the pricing)

Adult Group Lesson (3 People)
60 Mins, In-Person, 3 Adult



1 Hour Lesson Shared by 3 Adults. Please contact me if you have a specific area you would like covered during your lesson time. . Example: chipping, putting, full swing…I need to have the proper area set up for your group prior to arrival. Facility Fees are included in the pricing.

Junior under 8 yrs of age 30 Min Lesson Private Lesson
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Juniors age 8 and under (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

Junior 1/2 Hour Private Lesson ages 9 - 18
30 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Junior 1/2 Hour Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

Junior 1 Hour Private Lesson ages 9 - 18
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Junior 1 Hour Lesson (Facility Fees are Included in the Pricing)

31 Reviews

great coach

Mark K - March 14, 2023

Louise is wonderful. She is a very knowledgeable professional, and athlete. She is able to diagnose a problem in your...

JIM H - March 10, 2023

I’m new to the sport. I was a bit nervous to start lessons. Louise us so down to earth and broke it down in und...

Veronica S - October 28, 2022

Great instructor very knowledgeable about the swing—- she makes it easy to understand and doesn’t give me...

Steve R - October 24, 2022

Louise is great with our daughter! She understands what she needs to work on to get better, and gives her drills to p...

Martin F - October 8, 2022

I am a long time golfer and, in spite of my bad habits, Louise patiently goes back to basics to get me on track. She...

Marcia B - October 6, 2022

First lesson with Louise went great. She went over what I was doing wrong, how to correct my swing, and drills to ing...

Keith D - October 3, 2022

Louise is cordial, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the game of golf and golf instruction. she gets ri...

Erroll S - October 3, 2022

Had a great experience. She’s awesome

Brian Q - September 30, 2022

Louise is amazing. She is calm, a fun teacher and motivates me to do my best.

Edward G - September 21, 2022

Louise always knows what I need to improve my game. I explain to her my challenges and she has be walking away feeli...

Shelly F - September 21, 2022

Excellent instruction from Louise! She filmed me taking a couple shots, then analyzed my stance & swing with me. ...

Susan W - September 20, 2022

Today I had a lesson with Louise and it was an outstanding lesson. Louise provided a basic introduction to golf term...

Marilyn G - September 19, 2022

Louise is the best! Her method of teaching the golf swing simplifies a very complicated skill into easy to understand...

Kathy M - September 15, 2022

Brilliant teacher. Always knows just what adjustments I need to make for better results.

Paul S - September 11, 2022

Louise is a great golf teacher! I have taken many lessons from several other golf instructors at various golf course...

Mary E - September 11, 2022

I’ve been working with Louise since the spring and I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. Louis...

Jim L - September 11, 2022

In 30 minutes Louise found several issues with my golf swing, showed them to me on the computer visually, and gave me...

Albert P - September 10, 2022

Louise is a great coach. I took lessons earlier this year and now I have her training my 4 nieces and nephews age 6-...

Sarah D - September 10, 2022

Louise has patience, and years of experience to find the right method to improve your golf game. She used a few tec...

Teresa G - September 8, 2022

Outstanding as always!

Scott F - June 20, 2022

Patient, funny, makes practice fun. After I finish I always feel energized and can't wait to work on the things...

Mark S - June 17, 2022

She is a real coach,

know exactly know how to fix

wrong swing habit

she is the best

Joey O - June 10, 2022

World class instruction!

David J - June 8, 2022

Louise has changed my sister’s and my golf game with a handful of lessons that no other pro has ever been able...

Julie B - June 5, 2022

Louise is amazing, she makes lessons fun and interesting. great at translating skills to coach others. great personal...

Ike D - June 3, 2022

She is an excellent coach, she has such deep experiance and can read a player of any level and provide the correct co...

Sal L - August 21, 2021

Louise was absolutely fantastic. I had never had a lesson in my life. I'm 51. She was great at evaluating my ...

David N - August 8, 2021

Amazing instructor! Really takes the time to learn about your swing and game and tailors an instruction plan specifi...

Rachit M - July 19, 2021

Not only is Louise a great instructor she is a great person. With her help I significantly improved my game over the ...

Peter G - August 30, 2018

I don’t know what I improved on the most, my short game or my driver! I’ve never had a lot of lessons but...

Rebel W - August 29, 2018

Areas of Focus

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Fitness
  • Bunker Play
  • Fundamentals
  • Jr. Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Mental Game
  • Competitive Golf
  • College Prep

Teaching Experience

  • Collegiate Golfers
  • LPGA Futures Tour
  • LPGA Tour
  • Mini Tours

Playing Experience

  • Collegiate Golfer
  • LPGA Futures Tour
  • Mini Tours
  • PGA Section Events

Teaching Tools

  • V1 Video
  • Video Analysis


PGA Professional
U.S. Kids Golf
Eyeline Golf
PGA Certified Professional
Positive Coaching Alliance