Speed Training Class (Hit the ball Far!) @ RVCC

  • Rogue Valley Country Club
  • Begins on Wednesday, July 08, 2020
    Weekly until Wednesday, November 25, 2020
  • 21 sessions 32 spots per session
  • $30.00
    Starting Price


Whether your tired of being the short knocker in your group or you just want to hit it further then speed training is right for you. You will learn a proven method that gained PGA Tour players an additional 10 yards of driving distance in just three sessions. These classes are designed to help warm you up and teach you how to create speed in a safe pain free method before you play with your group. Technology may be used as needed.

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Southern Oregon Golf Academy

With the beautiful Siskiyou Mountain Range as a backdrop, we invite you to join our experienced and Award Winning Staff as we partner with you to improve your golfing performance and game enjoyment. A diverse menu of Student offerings including all levels of Adult and Junior Classes, beginning golf programs, cutting edge technology and Private Instruction is available. We look forward to designing a program of lasting game improvement for you.

Additional Coaches

Noah Horstman
Ed Fisher
Ryan Kukula
Jessica Young


Rogue Valley Country Club

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