Andy Thompson
Minneapolis, MN

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Andy Thompson is a Putting Coach and AimPoint Certified Instructor based out of Minneapolis Mn. Andy was the founder of Totally Driven an all inclusive golf improvement center located in Edina, MN. While there he connected with some of the world's best putting gurus such as Mark Sweeney, David Edel, David Orr and Geoff Mangum.

Andy is the only AimPoint Level III Flatstick Instructor and SAMPutt Level II Instructor in the area and specializes only in putting. He has worked with multiple PGA and LPGA Tour players, top college players and amateurs as well as players of all handicaps and abilities.

Andy's style is to analyze each individual's putting stroke to determine where the strengths and areas of opportunity are. Each individual is taught based on their particular needs. Often if we start at the right place multiple flaws can be corrected at the same time. The SAMPutt Lab is a wonderful tool to measure what the eye can't see about the putting stroke. There are many ways to putt, but there are also so some basics that separate good putters from poor putters. Ultimately the ability to read greens, hit your chosen aimpoint and control speed are the three factors that differentiate great putters from average or poor putters. Andy teaches all of these elements of putting.

Andy is very hands on and caring and is always looking out for the player's best interests. Training may vary during off-season compared to in season. Every player will benefit from AimPoint Express green-reading.