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M3 Golf & Performance Lab

2851 Riverside Plaza Suite 240
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Adult Pricing

5 Options
45 min
M3 LAB Golf Introductory Session

Entry point to the Lab. Come check us out!

60 min
M3 LAB Golf Coaching Session

Designed for Gamer Graduates looking for a refresher.

60 min
LAB Practice/Play Session

Designed for Gamer graduates looking to practice/play in the LAB. Sessions are unsupervised.

180 min
Performance Coaching | M3 LAB | 3 LAB Sessions

Authentic Golf Mindset Performance Program 3 LAB Sessions

300 min
Gamer 5 M3 LAB

This is the entry point to the M3 LAB. Take your game to the next level. Unparalleled training program Includes Initial TPI Screen, 3D Motion--Comprehensive plan, Swing, Mindset Toughness Assessment. Followed by a complete Customized Program, (Swing, TPI, Mind) 5 total Sessions of Active Coaching in the LAB.