Phoenix, AZ

As a South Florida Native, Shane has worked in the golf industry for over 15 years and worked at many reputable clubs from South Florida to Phoenix Arizona. Shane is a college graduate from FGCU, a Class A PGA Member, golf instructor, and avid tournament player in the SW PGA Section. Having played the game competitively for over 15 years, Shane has spent thousands of hours developing his own methodology and mentoring under many of the games most credible coaches including Martin Hall, Tim Mahoney and the golf guru himself Jeremy Anderson. His hunger to learn about the game never stops as he continues to further his education with certifications, Teaching Seminars and playing the game at the PGA Section level. Shane focuses on creating sound fundamentals with individualized swing sequencing to produce the desired ball flight the student desires. Not only does Shane strive to make his students better, but he works hard to make his own game better by putting his own best practices to the test day in and day out. From this extreme dedication to the game, he is also able to help students of all playing abilities overcome bad practice habits, poor swing mechanics and mental blockades that may be hindering their performance to succeed. To conclude, most of Shanes students leave with a better sense of how to diagnose swing faults, how to practice more efficiently and with more confidence to achieve desired goals.