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Beginner Golf Package

Beginner Golf Package Recently, I had someone call about learning how to play golf. They had been invited to play with their colleagues but didn't join them because they didn't feel confident in their abilities. Frustrated with not being included, they began to contact local golf professionals about lessons. During our conversation, I learned he had contacted three other pros and was more confused about how to start than before he had started calling people. I explained that learning to play golf can be complicated, but my three-step process to learning is simple. Here is how we do it: 1. Assess the student's abilities and sports knowledge. 2. Match Your Physique to Your Technique 3. Build Your Skill through Individualized Processes So, don't wait another day of not being included with your friends. Let's start today by visiting and sign-up for your first lesson and allow me to coach you to play golf well. The Beginner Golf Package is a series of three (3) 60-minute private lessons to teach you the basics of each shot: putting, chipping and full swing with the irons.




Existing Adult Student 60-minute golf lesson

60 mins, Adult

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