Kenton Hobbs

Junior Champions Package

Already competing on a junior high or high school team? Already playing in local or regional junior golf tournaments? This package is for you! Learn how to take home trophies! Twelve 1-hour private lessons AND Six 90 minute playing lessons. Includes a routine of circuit training and practice activities as well as playing lessons on the golf course. Specific goals will be identified and action plans will be implemented in an effort to win competitions. Guidance on tournament options and opportunities will be provided. Includes: V1 Pro Video Analysis, TrackMan Launch Monitor Data, SAM Putt Lab Assessment, ThrivSports Digital Locker Storage. Please ask about World of Golf's AMAZING Gift Card Special!!!



12 QTY

Private Lesson

60 mins, Junior

$800.00 Price

Playing Lesson

90 mins, Junior

$800.00 Price