About Chase

As a past professional golfer on the PGA Tour Canada and the Web.com Tour, I have collected many valuable lessons in the game of golf. Through my experiences on these tours, I have not only learned the technical part of the game, but just as importantly, I ...


Stoneybrook Golf Club

21251 Stoneybrook Golf Blvd, Estero, FL 33928

Individual Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Adult



Dual Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Adult



Group Lesson
120 Mins, In-Person, 3 Adult



Individual Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 1 Junior



Dual Lesson
60 Mins, In-Person, 2 Junior



30 Reviews

Excellent coach

Max M - January 21, 2024

Chase is super professional and incredibly relatable, meaning he understands my weaknesses and explains them in a way...

John B - January 11, 2024

very informative and easy to understand

loved it will be back for more

Eric H - January 10, 2024

Chase is awesome! Super patient. Explains concepts in easy ways to grasp. Combines this with video analysis and ph...

Tory T - December 23, 2023

Chase does a phenomenal job of adapting to your learning style. He is also diligent and thorough at ensuring you unde...

David G - October 5, 2023

Chase has a unique ability to coach and communicate at all levels! We are so lucky to have found him for our son!

Owen Y - October 2, 2023

Chase is amazing. His ability to quickly evaluate and make simple changes that are actually driving very significant ...

Kate & Eli E - August 25, 2023

Chase is so very knowledgeable, passionate about teaching the game to others and very patient. He has such a warm, f...

Steve T - July 27, 2023

Chase Marinell is an awesome instructor! I have had two lessons so far, and I am already improving!!

Jean Z - July 19, 2023

Incredibly good mentor, very knowledgeable about the game. I definitely appreciate having Chase around. Look forward ...

Adrian B - July 14, 2023

Chase is an excellent coach! He quickly identified 2 issues that were problematic with my swing. I like learning by ...

Patt D - May 4, 2023

Chase is a consummate professional. He gave private lessons to my 19-year old nephew who had a wonderful time and lea...

Dorian B - March 19, 2023

Chase is a great coach. He reinforces lessons in a variety of ways to ensure learning. He has provided written summar...

Patti M - March 12, 2023

Chase is a great teacher with lots of patience. He will help you improve your game!

Debbie T - March 11, 2023

Amazing with my son! Thanks Chase for your hard work!

Weathers S - February 28, 2023

It is always a pleasure working with Chase, he is such a great guy and a very knowledgeable coach. He is very optimis...

Ben P - February 27, 2023

Great instruction and helped my wife and I tremendously after the first lesson.

Mark S - January 16, 2023

Truly one of the very best golf instructors I've ever had coach me. He has tranformed my swing mechanics into a...

Ken F - December 28, 2022

Chase is absolutely the best, do your game a favor and come get a lesson from him!

Peter A - December 19, 2022

Excellent mix of descriptions and practice

Kevin G - November 15, 2022

An amazing coach! Loves the game and has a unique ability to connect with his students.

Always positive, and ...

Eric K - November 7, 2022

Chase is a fantastic teacher and has greatly increased my enjoyment of the game. He is perceptive, insightful, and ve...

Robert A - November 4, 2022

Best coach in South West Florida!

Nehal T - October 20, 2022

My daughter had her first lesson with Chase today and he was absolutely awesome. She is a high school player and his ...

Christopher F - October 8, 2022

Great instructor. Patient and knows how to dissect your swing. Looking forward to more lessons

Al S - September 10, 2022

Chase is an excellent teacher for children as well as adults! He is patient and committed to helping each person he w...

Cameron M - September 9, 2022

My son has been going to Chase for nearly a year. Cannot say enough good things. Very detail oriented, positive and e...

Christopher H - September 3, 2022

Chase is a great golf coach for juniors. Makes the experience fun and explains technique to them in ways they can und...

Kenny D - June 16, 2022

Chase was absolutely a first class instructor. My son who is a scholarship college golfer wanted to schedule a few da...

Jonathan P - June 1, 2022

Chase is the man. His passion for teaching shines through in every lesson.

Chase went above and beyond f...

Adam K - April 25, 2021